Refresh Heritage Weeks

The creative bootcamp will bring together 14 young artists from five countries who will meet

for the first time. The bootcamp is focusing mainly on community building, team collaboration

and establishing creative synergies among the young interdisciplinary artists.

The group of young European artists is being selected on the basis of an open call by the

artistic directors of the project. Their profiles, backgrounds and practices will be diverse but

their motivation and interest in cultural heritage is what they will have in common. As part of

the Refresh+ team they will engage in creative reinterpretation of sites and legends in

Slovenia and Romania. They will be divided into two teams of 7 artists to work in these two

countries. Their task is to produce collaborative artworks linking cultural heritage with

different forms of artistic expressions which later can be placed on the market as cultural


The main objective of the five-day bootcamp in Split is to facilitate the future artistic co-

creation and provide useful tools and methods which the artists will be able to re-use for the

team work in the next phase of the project. It will be hosted by Culture Hub Croatia taking

advantage of the historical city of Split, inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List.

Diocletian’s palace of Split (the historical center itself) will be used as the basis for the

creative work and experimentations. We expect that this will contribute to better

understanding between the artists but it will also allow them to test co-creation solutions and

find methods that will suit them best as a team.

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